Tuesday, February 27, 2018

March Cleanup

Join us for a neighborhood cleanup!

WHEN:      Saturday, March 10th (rain or shine)

TIME:        10:00am – 11:00am

WHERE:    Meet at the corner of SW Barton St & 17th Ave SW @ 10:00am.  We will clean
                   Southwest Barton Street, from 16th Ave SW to SW Delridge Way.  If we have the time    
                   and people power, we'll continue cleaning up on Barton farther west of Delridge.

PLEASE BRING:     Gloves
                                Plastic Bags For Garbage
                                Bottled Water & Snacks
                                Your enthusiasm and goodwill!

Mark your calendar now for these future cleanups.

Saturday, April 14th
Southwest Trenton Street, from 16th Ave SW to 25th Ave SW
Meet at the corner of SW Trenton St & 17th Ave SW @ 10am.

Saturday, May 12th
17th Avenue Southwest and 18th Avenue Southwest, from SW Trenton St to SW Barton St
Meet at the corner of SW Henderson St & 17th Ave SW @ 10am.

Please send any questions or comments to southdelridge@gmail.com.  

February Meeting Highlights

Tuesday, February 13 at 2 Fingers Social
Highlights provided by Marianne McCord.

Last month we got busy discussing what we would like to accomplish as a group in 2018.  Below is a brief outline of possible goals:

1. Crime/graffiti - This would be an ongoing goal, one to coordinate with police. But immediate results could be seen by helping neighbors get rid of graffiti- perhaps incorporating a work team with our monthly clean-up crew.

2. Clean up crew- Continue our monthly clean-ups. These have been very successful in meeting neighbors and engaging within the community.

3. Derelict/ Abandoned buildings- These buildings continue to blight our neighborhood causing problems such as public safety (i.e fires and used needles), crimes (theft, gun shots, car prowls etc.) and general nuisance (garbage, rodents, noise).

4. Redevelopment of the Delridge Triangle- Kim Barnes (chair of WWRAAH) has spearheaded these efforts and needs additional assistance. Whether or not we adopt this as one of our goals; if interested, please contact Kim at kim.barnes.la@gmail.com.

5. Restoration of wetlands by Chief Sealth High School- coordinate with DNDC.

6. Apply for city-grant money. This goal would help facilitate improvements that the South Delridge Neighborhood has needed for quite some time.

Even though we are an active group; obviously, we can't take on all of the above.  So we are trying a new structure for the upcoming year with our organization being committee-led.  A committee for each selected goal will be formed with a point person (or lead) elected for that committee. Our goal is to vote on committees and leads at the March meeting. We hope as many as possible can attend so your voice is heard and you can choose which committee most speaks to your interest.  If you are unable to attend but are interested in volunteering (for a one-time event, to serve on a committee, to serve as the lead of a committee or more), please contact Marianne McCord at southdelridge@gmail.com.

On another West Seattle note, SDOT is taking public comments on the elevated light-rail into WS until March 5th. At last Wednesday's Delridge Neighborhoods District Council Meeting, Lyle Bicknell (Office of Planning and Community Development) stressed that the city has heard from other communities and made changes based on those comments- "decisionmakers tend to see the light when they feel the heat." Go to: wsblink@soundtransit.org to voice your opinion!  More information on this topic can be found in the West Seattle Blog (WSB):

SDCG would like to give a big shout-out to Tracy Record of the WSB. She's been super supportive getting the word out about our new time and place. Thanks Tracy!

Another big thank-you to Ed and Andrew, proprietors of 2Fingerssocial Club!  Not only will they reserve tables for us each month but they even put us on their Facebook page. The bar has great drinks and food, give them a try!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

February Meeting

Please join us for our next SDCG meeting:
Tuesday, February 13th, 7:00-8:00pm at 2 Fingers Social (9211 Delridge Way SW)

Please join other South Delridge neighbors for the monthly meeting of the South Delridge Community Group.

We'll be meeting at 2 Fingers Social, a family-friendly business that welcomes children until 8:00pm.

SDCG was formed by concerned and motivated neighbors who come together to create a vibrant, safe community and provide a voice for the neighborhood in the city of Seattle.

The SDCG welcomes all neighbors to participate within our community. We hope you can join us!

Questions or comments? Contact us at southdelridge@gmail.com.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February Cleanup

February 10, 2018 is Neighbor Day!

Celebrate by working with your neighbors to clean up our streets.

WHEN:      Saturday, February 10 (rain or shine)

TIME:        10:00am – 11:00am

WHERE:    Southwest Henderson Street from 16th Ave SW to Delridge Way SW

PLEASE BRING:      Gloves
                                  Plastic Bags For Garbage
                                  Bottled Water & Snacks
                                  Your enthusiasm and goodwill!

Questions or comments?  Write to us at southdelridge@gmail.com.

Sabado, 10 de Febrero, 2018 es el Dia del Vecino!

Celebre este día trabajando con sus vecinos limpiando nuestras calles.

DIA:           Sábado, 10 de Febrero (Llueva o no)

HORA:       10:00 am - 11 am

LUGAR:     Esquina de SW Henderson y la calle 16th SW.  Limpiaremos hasta Delridge Way SW.

Guantes, bolsas plásticas de basura, agua y merienda, pero más que todo su entusiasmo y buena voluntad!

Preguntas y comentarios?   Comuniquese por southdelridge@gmail.com