Saturday, June 18, 2016

Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Meeting Notes

Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Meeting 6/6/2016

Upcoming Meetings:

·       Delridge Neighborhood Council (DNC): Youngstown Cultural Arts Center; 3rd Wednesday of the Month; 7:00pm (All West Seattle Communities East of 35th)
·       Southwest Meeting: West Seattle Senior Center; 1rst Wednesday of the Month 6:30pm
·       City Neighborhood Council (CNC): City Hall – Rm 370, last Monday of the month; 6:30pm


·       The West Seattle Grand Parade – July 23rd – Neighborhood Groups can be in the parade.

Find it Fix it Walk in Westwood:

The walk is currently scheduled to take place on July 25th around 5pm. More details as we get closer. The city will start doing outreach at a later time. Laura Jenkins the coordinator said that they like to see around 50 people attending these events to make it clear to the Mayor and staffers that people of the neighborhood care. They need people to be a part of the Community Walk Action Team (CWAT) to help plan the walk. We were told that people on the CWAT will have more opportunities to speak with the mayor and department heads. There will be two meetings for CWAT volunteers to plan the walk typically at a time in the early evening (after 5). Please contact Laura if you are interested in volunteering. The route is not set but will be created with the community, and city. They like to keep the walk around 1mile. If you don’t want to volunteer you can still attend the walk. It’s important that we show support for our neighbors and represent the entire Westwood Highland Park Urban village.  
If we know of any other community groups that might be interested pass the information on. A Seattle representative said that they do want to keep it confined to organizations in or close to the area such as Sealth PTA etc.
The find it fix it walk also provides a $5,000 grant for things in the area or slightly outside the area. This money can be spent on things that beautify or make safer. Examples are Murals, and Staircase cleanup. The grant can go to many things or a single thing.
Contact: Laura Jenkins (206) 233 – 5106,


An Issue on Longfellow creek was mentioned. There is a trail along the east side of the school between Trenton and thistle that is owned by the city. The trail is gated closed forcing kids and other walkers to use a more dangerous route. A Longfellow creek advocate said that this trail is supposed to be unlocked and that they had previous agreement that it would never be locked.

Neighborhood Streets Fund -
Two projects proposed by WWRAH neighbors made the Delridge Council’s top five. The Delridge Council ranked Holden Street Improvements at 16th and Holden top. The next spot had a tie between a roundabout for Holden, 9th and Highland Park Way, and “Complete Barton” which is a number of improvements on Barton near the Rapid Ride bus stop. The community has been requesting a solution to the Holden, 9th and Highland Park Way intersection for 40 years. has links to all 16 NSF projects that were proposed.
The West Seattle Blog also has good information:

SDOT has approved a smaller project to add some kind of non permanent curb bulb to north side of Barton near bus stop to help with the crossing. It sounded like they’ll basically make the north or westbound side of the road one lane instead of the two lanes currently. They’ll do this with paint and some plastic thingies that stick to the ground and stand up.

The Department of Neighborhoods re-organization/budget cuts is causing major frustrations with our local councils. The explanations are complicated and technocratic. I think the main point is that the city is changing how they communicate with communities. They currently establish geographic district councils (Delridge Neighborhood Council) and we raise our issues to these councils. The city would like to change this so that they decide what communities to reach and then poll these communities when they want input.
There is apparently also an Op-Ed by Mayor McGinn about the issue.
Speaking of opinions on the issue, the WWRAH chair Amanda Kay Helmick, the Chair of Delridge Neighborhood Council Matt McBride, and the South West Council are not happy.
It sounds like if you care about this the best persons to contact are the City Council, and Department of Neighborhoods head Kelly Nyland. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Potluck at the Bus Stop Triangle

Please join us for our next event:  

Saturday, June 18 @ 10:00am at the Bus Park Triangle
18th Ave Sw & Barton St & Delridge

10:00 am:  Clean-up the bus park triangle.
10:15 am:  South Delridge Community Group Meeting
11:00 am:  Potluck BBQ!

What to bring - cleaning supplies, BBQ grills, food to share, paperware/plasticware, bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the kids. Contribute what you can.

This is an opportunity for neighbors to get out and enjoy the day together.  You will learn about important issues taking place in our area and get to know the folks living around you.  All are welcome.

We hope you will join us!